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I started the “Expired Domain Case Study” a few weeks ago, so we’re now ready to give our first update with the close of May.

Moving forward, I will try to do an update every month, and in the update, we’ll cover what was done throughout the month, any progress with visitors/revenue, as well as what the goals are for the following month.

Throughout the updates, I also want to keep tabs on how much money I’ve spent up to date, so we’ll also keep a note of that.


To be it plainly, organic traffic for the month of May is nearly non-existent. May has been the first month that we have truly begun publishing content, so it does make sense why we’re struggling to see any traction in this department.

Analytics for May 2020 (click to enlarge)

Some of you may ask, well where is some of this traffic coming from? Well, like I said in my first case study, this domain has A LOT of powerful backlinks, and the site still receives visitors from those backlinks.

Other than that, we’ve only seen 20 visitors from Google, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of those is simply me checking the cache of some pages via different IP addresses.


For the month of May, we added 7 pieces of content. It should be noted that we really only began this study towards the middle of May, so had it been a full month, we would likely have come in closer to a dozen articles.

Between the 7 articles, we have a total of 11,500 words.

That’s an average of 1,642 words per article.

  • 2 “Best of” articles
  • 5 supporting articles

The writer that I have onboard right now, I’ve slowly been teaching her the basics of on-page SEO, and she’s been doing a fine job following the rules.


Domain: $5,000

Content for May: $665.50

Remember, I am paying my content writer hourly ($15/hr), as opposed to per word. The reason being, I want my writer to actually spend time researching the topic, and coming up with an actual informative article.

Personally, I feel that when we only pay our writers per word, they have little incentive to spend their own time researching the topic.

If we take $665.50 and divide it against 11,500 words, we come out to $5.70 per 100 words – not bad!

The writer is also plugging the content directly into the site, uploading the images, making sure the format is fine, so that is time off my back.

Either way, our overall expenses from the beginning is $5,665.50.

Goals for June

There are a few major things that I still need to get done on the domain:

  • Finish the “About Us” page
  • Put up a “Privacy Policy” page
  • Set up an “Author” page
  • Clean up the indexed pages. So right now, since I imported a bunch of dummy pages when I set up the theme, there are 100+ dummy pages still indexed with Google. I need to go through the sitemap and have them de-indexed.
  • Set up compliance, this is regarding cookie permission and GDPR compliance.
  • Set up the category pages. Believe it or not, the category pages in the top bar are completely blank, so I need to figure out a layout for those pages, and having the pages populated.
  • Set up social media profiles for the site. I will then define the social media profiles within the “Organization” schema.

That is what I have to do.

What my content writer will focus on is getting out 15,000 words for the month of June. It’s a feasible goal, so I’m not too worried about it.

Now, do I expect to have traffic by the end of June? Not really. I don’t think we will really see much organic traffic until the middle of July, going into August.

This domain was sitting blank for nearly a year, and it is going to take some for Google to start welcoming it into it’s search.

With that being said, we can set up a goal for the end of August 2020, which is three months from now. The goal would be 100 daily organic visitors. By that point we should have over 50,000 words of content, so let’s say about 30 articles. With the backlink profile of this domain, I do believe this is a do-able goal.

Moving forward, when it comes to these updates, we’ll see if we’re on track for the 100 daily visitor goal.

With that, thank you for following this study, and check in next month for a new update!

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  • lorisorangethebe33768

    Hi I bought some expired domains, installed wordpress and started to work on them. I added my domain property to Google search console. Added new articles and in 2 days I started to receive traffic and then all of it disappeared. Its been more than a month but my posts are not on google properly. What should I do now. Is there any specific thing I need to work on.

    • Martin

      There have been definite indexing issues since May due to the updates by Google. Even with the content on my expired domain, it’s taking as long as a whole week to get a page indexed even after force-crawling it via GWT.

      Have you been adding any new content since the early days?

  • Danny

    I’m also running a case study but this time 301 redirecting about 3 strong expired domain to a money site which is about 2 weeks old (also an expired domain). I’ve added content to it too and I’m monitoring rankings. I’ll be following your case study as well.

    • Martin

      Thanks for writing in, and good luck with the study.

      If you start seeing results, whether positive or negative, and are open to sharing your findings, reach out and let me know if you’d like to make a guest interview.

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