I made $578,000 in 4 years with SEO

Here we go with a juicy post! With the start of this blog, I figured that leading with my earnings would help provide some “credibility” to what I have to say or share.

We’re going to dive into what I made each year, but we won’t be talking about what products I promote since I’m not looking to create unnecessary competition for myself. 🙂

How do I monetize my websites?

No ads, just affiliate programs.

  • Shareasale
  • Impact Radius
  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon Associates
  • Private Affiliate Tracking (Direct Relationship)

With that being said, you’ll notice that less than 1% of my earnings are from Amazon Associates!

There are instances during which I do accept guest posts on one of my websites, but that also barely places a dent in my overall earnings.

We’re going to begin by showing my overall earnings.

Proof of what I made

I do use multiple affiliate networks, and providing extensive evidence for each one is a bit too cumbersome, as well as unnecessary in my opinion. What I will provide is video proof with my most profitable affiliate network – ShareASale.

$541,928 generated on ShareaSale

Instead of providing screenshots, I decided that making a video is more credible. I did have to blur out any information that gave out what programs I specifically promote.

How many websites do I operate?

I am going to have a separate post that discusses my websites, but I’ll quickly dive into it. Right now, I run 4 websites, only two of them are really responsible for the earnings above.

The first one was started in 2016, the second one was started in 2018. These two have been the breadwinners so far.

When it comes to the other two websites, they are still in their infancy stage.

Earnings breakdown by year

We’re going to go through my earnings (combined across sites) for each year, and I will have the earnings divided by source.

The earnings for 2020 are only up to May 13, 2020 (the day I’m making this post)

As a quick reminder, Sas = ShareaSale, Impact = Impact Radius, CJ = Commission Junction, AMZN = Amazon Associates, PVT = Direct Relationship, GP = Guest Post.

A take away from looking at the table is that I have had good growth over the years. I began making my first dime with the website back in October 2016. This is why you also see such a big increase from 2016 to 2017, percent wise.

Up until 2019, I was growing at a rate of 2x for two years in a row, but growth has slowed down % wise as the numbers have grown.

Fortunately, even with COVID, my numbers for 2020 have been strong so far. I have already passed the halfway point for 2019 (in terms of earnings), and we are still not halfway down with the year!

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